The RED CVs newsletter is distributed by e-mail 6 or more times each year and is packed with a range of information to help you with your job hunting and life in general!

What can you expect from the RED CVs e-newsletter?

Regular features include:

Examining a different aspect of modern CV writing each time, offering up to date advice that is based on significant industry research and customer follow-up. This will help to improve what is a fundamental key to your career success.

The Internet is a fantastic resource for today’s job hunter and we regularly surf around to find those sites that can help you the most. This section is devoted to sharing with you what we have found, helping you harness the power of the web.

Previously a Regional Manager with Careers Scotland (the Scottish Careers Service), RED CV’s company Director still maintains excellent industry links and in this section we divulge snippets of news from a variety of sources in order to keep you well informed.

As part of our commitment to continuous improvement and achieving the highest levels of success with what we do – we actively survey and seek feedback from all our customers. Here we profile one of our many success stories in order to inspire and motivate us all.

Watch this space closely, as each e-newsletter will feature a different special offer – designed to help when you need it most. We also run periodic competitions to win a complete package of our professional services! Not to be missed, as you could end up in the next Success Story section!

The RED CVs newsletter is designed with YOU in mind; therefore please feel free at any stage to contact us with your comments, CV questions or requests. We’re always keen to know what type of information you would like to see within the newsletter and what would help you most.