‘The CV you prepared for me was successful in getting me an interview with ABC
(which went well and I’m waiting to hear back) and an interview for a position
with XYZ (short list of 9 from 40 applicants), early days,
but I think it went well also. Thanks!’

MR (Project Manager, Oil and Gas industry)

Personal CV consultation (DIY option)

The perfect service if you would prefer to rewrite your CV yourself, but would like some professional advice on how to get the best results.

This service consists of a one hour, in-depth consultation, either over the telephone or face to face, with a specially chosen consultant. During this time they will discuss every section of your CV in detail with you and advise on how it may be improved to help you achieve your career objectives.

You will then be equipped with the most up to date information (plus the reasoning behind it) as used by the team of CV writers here at RED CVs. This knowledge will be invaluable throughout your future career.

As an additional benefit, following your consultation we will send you some sample personal profiles, lists of key skills / characteristics and action verbs / power adverbs to help with your rewrite.

The service now also includes a FREE proofread of your revised document.

You may send your CV to us by e-mail, fax or post and we will diary a mutually convenient time that we may meet with you or telephone you for the consultation.

This service is subject to consultant availability and waiting lists, but we can usually book you into our diary within 48 hours. Face to face consultations are held in our Aberdeen office only.

Professional CV rewrite / full production

We have continuously proved that your chances of beating hundreds of other candidates to interview are significantly increased if you use a professionally written CV. It is an investment in your future career and prosperity.

An expertly written and individually tailored CV from RED CVs will help you to:

  • Boost your confidence and morale
  • Realise your self worth and potential
  • Significantly enhance your prospects
  • Pursue your ambitions and achieve your goals
  • Change YOUR life for the better

Our process for this service is thoroughcompletely bespoke and yields high success rates.
If ordered in conjunction with a covering letter for company advertised posts, you are also covered by RED CVs unique 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Full professional CV production is always orientated towards the industry/s of your choice and we have experience of writing CVs for most sectors.

If your career aspirations follow two or more different directions it will be crucial to have a CV tailored specifically to each one – as a ‘one size fits all’ approach is never as effective. Additional versions of a CV might also be necessary if, for example you are considering looking for work in more than one country – as there are often differences in layout and content to be considered. In these cases therefore, we recommend drafting a ‘mastercopy’ CV – and then using this to create additional, tailored, two page versions in line with your different career goals. In this way you will have a completely flexible career solution.

After placing your order, you are assigned an appropriate consultant and relevant information is gathered from you via specially designed questionnaire and ongoing e-mail correspondence as necessary. An integral part of this process includes a 1-2-1 phone consultation – which we consider to be vital in order for us to gain a clear understanding of what you have done and achieved. It also ensures that we have extracted the very best information to add into your CV and gained a sense of your personality, so that we may reflect this when we write for you.
Following this, production of a first draft usually takes just three working days. You will then have seven days to advise us of any content changes that you would like to make and we will work closely with you to fine tune the document/s until both parties are completely satisfied with the content, style and presentation.

No two CVs are the same. They are all individually created, geared towards current recruitment trends and packed with powerful, relevant keywords. All are word processed without restrictive templates so that you can manipulate the text by yourself easily in the future. You can also return to us later on for updates and we will keep your completed documents securely here on file for as long as you wish.

We will automatically supply your finished CV/s to you, by e-mail, in four different formats:

  • MS Word.doc – suitable to print or in some cases attach to e-mails
  • RTF (Rich Text Format) – suitable to print and attach to e-mails
  • ASCII (plain text) – suitable to copy and paste into the body of an e-mail or on-line form field (database)
  • PDF (Portable Document Format) – increasingly the preferred format for e-mail attachments with many organisations

We will also supply you with:

  • a FREE references sheet and
  • our FREE guide on how to make the best use of your new CV

Quality laser printed copies and copies on disc are available for a small additional cost.

Working to a short deadline? EXPRESS service options are available, but are subject to consultant availability and waiting lists.

‘Hi, my sincerest apologies for not responding to your message sooner. Job hunting started in earnest
about three weeks ago and I have an interview tomorrow. I have also managed to get myself
some experience on ABC, so all is going well so far. Thanks again for all your help with
my CV and letter writing. Having various options to choose from has made the
whole application process much less time-consuming and traumatic!
I will keep in touch.’
Best regards,

CH (Editorial Manager)